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As an agent with House of Brokers, I have a large team with many resources to help make your experience the best possible. 

Working with my team you will get: 

  • 38 years of experience

  • A large advertising and social media reach

  • Great reputation in the community


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38 Years of Experience

House of Brokers has been a staple in the Columbia housing market for many years. Because of this, we are well-recognized in the community and have a great reputation. 

Over 50 Agents

I work side-by-side a team of 50+ agents every day. This allows us to share knowledge, and most importantly, share listing information.

Closing Department

We have a separate closing department on site to look over all our legal documents and ensure everything is accurate for you.

Support Staff

Our receptionist is in the office Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm to help with any questions potential buyers may have.

Our tech team is also available on-site to help with any technical issues we may have.

Advertising Reach

As a large brokerage, we have many advertising resources available to help get your house sold. We have social media specialist in house. We also have our own TV program that runs over the weekend to advertising our listings on local channels.

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